Past Group Members

Haonan Wang's Photo
Haonan Wang

Haonan is a second year Ph.D student working on using computational approaches to estimate the kinetic parameters of Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI. Haonan's research interests lie in the areas of digital signal processing with special emphasis on MRI and image reconstruction. Outside of science, Haonan loves to play and watch sports, and to relax with friends.

Amin Nazaran's Photo
Amin Nazaran

Amin is the forth year P.hD student working on ultra short echo time (UTE) imaging and diffusion analysis. His main interests in MRI from technical perspective can be summarized in four areas: 1- techniques for acquisition and analysis of very weak MRI signals ; 2- Sequence design and mathematical analysis for diffusion imaging; 3- image processing; 4- MRI hardware development. His main interests in MRI from application perspective are: 1- neurodegenerative disease; 2- neurodevelopmental disease; 3- cancer; 4- othteoarthritis. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music, reading novels, hanging out with friends, and watching movies.

Canute Peterson's Photo
Canute Peterson

Canute is a senior working on his undergraduate in Electrical Engineering. His research includes concrete imaging and MRI with qDess. Outside of his academic pursuits, Canute likes to play Frisbee, watch and talk about movies, and play board games with friends.

Jessica Doud's Photo
Jessica Doud

Jessica is a Senior, double majoring in Chemical Engineering and Mathematics. Her current projects include fluorine imaging and metastatic tumor location. In her spare time, she enjoys singing in choir, playing the piano, and reading any book she can find.

David Jeffs's Photo
David Jeffs

David is a senior majoring in neuroscience. His current research explores the use of Ultra Short TE sequences to identify Alzheimer’s Disease and track progression within the brain. David has conducted research of cancer, genetics, and MRI technology in many research labs. David founded the BYU world literacy club and is passionate about charity work. David enjoys skiing, backpacking, wood sculpting, running, and meeting new people.

Joseph Valentine's Photo
Joseph Valentine

Joseph is an undergraduate student in Electrical Engineering. He is currently working on Fat Suppression using bSSFP. Joseph enjoys spending time outdoors and having philosophical debates with his friends. He served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Pennsylvania.

Steven Whitaker's Photo
Steven Whitaker

Steven is an undergraduate student in Electrical Engineering; he joined Dr. Bangerter's group in Spring 2015. He is currently working on image segmentation and banding artifact removal. Steven loves math and computer science, but he also enjoys hiking with his sister and playing video games with his roommates. He also served as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Angola, Africa.

Harrison McCullough's Photo
Harrison McCullough

Harrison is from Austin, TX, and grew up as the oldest of five boys. He enjoys being with his family and friends. His talents and hobbies include playing the piano and guitar, singing, and talking to everybody. Harrison served a mission in Irvine, California. He is studying Electrical Engineering and looks forward to making the world a better place through his career.

Hyrum Griffin's Photo

Graduated: B.S. in Electrical Engineering - August 2012 Project: Early Detection of Osteoarthritis via Sodium MRI Project: Partial-Volume Correction for Sodium Breast Imaging Post-Graduation: Graduate School - Brigham Young University

Tom Polley's Photo

Graduated: B.S. in Electrical Engineering - April 2011 Project: Phased Array Sodium Breast Coil Post-Graduation: Graduate School - Mayo Clinic

Brock Peterson's Photo

Graduated: B.S. in Electrical Engineering - August 2010 Project: Performance Comparison of a Hybrid Dual-Tuned 23Na/1H Birdcage to a Single-Tuned 23Na Birdcage with Identical Geometry Project: Partial-Volume Correction for Sodium Breast Imaging Post-Graduation: Graduate School - Georgia Tech

Steven Allen's Photo
Steven Allen

Graduated: B.S. in Physics - April 2010 Project: 3D Phase Sensitive Sodium B1 Mapping Post-Graduation: Graduate School - University of Michigan

Brady Quist's Photo

Graduated: B.S. in Electrical Engineering - April 2010 Project: Region-Growing Reconstruction for Large-Angle Multiple-Acquisition bSSFP Post-Graduation: Graduate School - Stanford University

Danny Park's Photo

Danny's interest in MRI started with a senior project where he helped design a resonator coil in Winter 2009. He joined the group as a PhD student the following summer. Currently he is working on pulse sequence development and coil design. Danny is happily married with two children. He enjoys spending most of his free time with family. Any left over spare time is spent tinkering with the computer or working with his hands.

Peter Jepsen's Photo
Peter Jepsen

Peter Jepsen is pursuing a master's degree in the Electrical Engineering program. He is working on exploring imaging quality with additive, nonlinear gradients for breast cancer applications. He is also involved with the BYU Biomedical Engineering Club Prosthetic Leg project and the BYU Mars Rover project. Peter enjoys running, playing piano, and reading history.

James Badal's Photo

James is a Masters student in the Electrical Engineering program. He joined BIRL group on March 2010 and is currently work on phased array sodium breast coil project. He is a Cubs fan and is interested in music, traveling, and economics.

Ali Fredrick's Photo
Ali Fredrick

Ali Fredrick is a junior, majoring in Electrical Engineering. She joined Dr. Bangerter's MRI group in April 2011 and is currently working on new student training and the sodium breast phased array project. She is a musical theater fanatic and a die hard Auburn football fan.

Hilary Price's Photo

Hilary Price is a junior in Electrical Engineering. She joined BIRL her junior year and has started on a phased array sodium breast coil project. Her other interests include piano, ballroom dancing, and racquetball. Hilary is currently on leave as she is serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Ahsan Javed's Photo

Ahsan Javed is a senior, majoring in Electrical Engineering. He joined the BIRLY group in January,2010 and is currently researching on B1 Mapping and Sodium Imaging. He likes reading, playing sports (Pretty much anything with a Racket and Cricket), and loves spending time with his Family. Ahsan is from Lahore, Pakistan, and is proud of it .

John Campbell's Photo
John Campbell

John Campbell is a junior in the Electrical Engineering program at BYU. He joined Dr. Bangerter's research group in the fall of 2010 under the Don B. Olsen Mentorship award. John is currently working on the sodium phased array coils. He enjoys doing biomedical research. However, when he has some time, he also participates in humanitarian efforts in Africa. He also enjoys every outdoors sport known to man.

Raul Lopez's Photo
Raul Lopez

Raul Lopez is a Junior, majoring in Electrical Engineering. He joined BIRL in Winter of 2011. He transferred from Pan American University in Aguascalientes Mexico. His major interest are in Signal Processing and computer programming. He enjoys practicing Taekwondo and playing soccer every time he has a chance.

Jorge Jimenez's Photo
Jorge Jimenez

David Clark's Photo
David Clark

David is a junior studying Exercise Science. He joined the research group in the fall of 2011. He will be primarily involved in the medical and clinical aspects of the research performed. He plans to attend medical school in the fall of 2013. Other interests include running, mountain biking and Frisbee. David also volunteers as an Emergency Medical Technician for BYU.

Daniel Gardner's Photo
Daniel Gardner

Daniel Gardner is from Milpitas, CA, in the heart of Silicon Valley. He graduated from BYU in 2014 with a B.S. in Computer Engineering and minors in CS, Math, and Business. He joined BIRL during the summer of 2013. While working at the MRIRF, he performed research on the application of Balanced Steady-State Free Precession (bSSFP) to water-fat separation in MR images. Daniel now is a Computer Scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, CA. He writes control software for the Department of Energy's National Ignition Facility, the largest laser in the world. While working at LLNL, Daniel plans to pursue graduate studies part-time.

Kevin Perkins's Photo
Kevin Perkins

Kevin lives in Provo and is working in American Fork. He works as a software engineer for a small cyber-security company that was bought by Raytheon. He finds the work he does interesting and is learning a lot.